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Introducing Kieron, our proud Director.


After leaving school Kieron completed an apprenticeship in mechanics, loving the ‘hands on’ and problem-solving side of the work however felt the job was too ‘dirty’ for his liking, which seems ironic now that he spends most his days covered in mud or cement!


Seeking a new challenge, a more social role in the hospitality sector was the solution and he quickly developed outstanding customer service skills which resulted in a few promotions.


Unfortunately, none of this fulfilled Kieron in the way that he wanted and felt there was a spark missing in his career.  That’s when a landscaping opportunity become available.


Relying on his ‘hands on’ capabilities, Kieron quickly picked up the tricks of the trade and a keen eye for detail. Patiently paying his dues and dedicated to improving on his craft, Kieron attended several advanced programmes/courses at Writtle College. After doing a few jobs for family and friends at the weekends he learned that his skills could pay the bills!

IMG_0252 (1).JPG

Kieron’s star sign is Virgo which is a blessing for his customers as he is a complete perfectionist, believing organisation is key for every job.  He enjoys the outside life and would rather be in the country than a crowded city.


He enjoys a day on the river with his kayak and losing balls on the golf course and after a busy day watching the sunset with his family.




  • Fish & Chips at the Seafront

  • Exploring a new place

  • Chicken Wings

  • Reading Autobiography’s

  • Being indoors when its hammering it down!

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